6 Most Used Streaming Protocols — Quick Guide- Ant Media Server

What is a streaming protocol?

Most used streaming protocols

RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol):

RTMP streaming protocol technical specifications:

RTMP variations:

RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol):

RTSP technical specifications:

RTSP variations:

WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications):

WebRTC streaming protocol features:

HLS (HTTP Live Streaming):

Features of HLS video streaming protocol:

HLS technical specifications:

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport):

SRT benefits:

SRT limitations:

CMAF (Common Media Application Format):

CMAF benefits:

Ant Media Server



Ant Media Server, open source software, supports publishing live streams with WebRTC and RTMP. It supports HLS(HTTP Live Streaming) and MP4 as well.

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